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Is Special Education Failing your child?
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Navigating Special Education can be difficult and confusing!

Special education is designed to level the playing field for students with special education needs by providing services, supports, accommodations, and specialized instruction. 

Then why are so many children with disabilities falling further and further behind?

It doesn't have to be that way.  When parents feel confident in their knowledge and understanding of the special education process, they are better able to participate and ensure that their child will get what they need.   We have helped parents and advocates with getting the services that your child needs to be successful and do well in school by helping them learn effective ways to advocate for their students.

NAPSEA will provide you with advocacy tools, business tools, an online community including discussion forums and blogs with professionals, friends and colleagues, a member page and profile on our Advocate Directory, trainings, and resources vital to your advocacy work.

A membership in NAPSEA will let your clients, colleagues, and school districts know that you are a professional with knowledge, ethics, and the tools to work effectively on behalf of your child/student with disabilities. 

Parents and Advocates

Parents are the most important part of the process for creating Individual Education Programs (IEP) for children with special needs.

Advocates assist parents and provide information to enable parents to make decisions so their child's education is meaningful.

Parents and advocates are working together to affect change and make a difference in the life of a child.  

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Who are we?

Our organization is different than anything else on the web. That's because we're different.  We are special needs advocates and parents of children with disabilities who have been in the trenches and understand how difficult and important this work is, so check out our site and see just how different we are.

We use the power of our numbers to fight for changes in the struggles that parents and advocates face every day.  Be sure to check out the  member benefits page for a full list of member benefits.

In order to ensure that we can provide unrestricted and uncensored information to our members, our organization is funded through our membership fees and training fees.  We do not receive any public or private grants, public or private funding.  You can support our continued good work by



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